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    Nathan. Norris Photograph July/Aug C Sun Shine In Kelly. Edmonds Book Review July B Farr's nursery trucks in WY Photograph July B Farr in field with. Leavitt Barbara Serdynski

    Garden Review July B "Mel Leavitt, Ralph Johnson" Photograph July B "Hubert Fischer, Harry Randall" Photograph July "Adelaide Peterson, Flaminia Specht, Reverend Dudley,. White Clifford Bennson Photograph July B "Mrs. Carney Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Utahans Comment on Newer Varieties Bion Tolman Garden Reports Varietal Comments January A Tour of Memphis Gardens Franklin. Dasch Photograph July B Bob Mallory Robert Dasch Photograph July B Stanley Foote with daughter and granddaughter Rosalie Figge Photograph July The Kearney Garden Garden Report varietal comment July The Kennedy Garden Jessie Wade Garden Report varietal comment July The Lucas Garden Garden Report varietal. Benson Photograph January B Young Plants in Cold Frames in April Clifford. Denny Art April B What to Pack for Conventioning-Looking Back William Barr Photograph Iris shirts and blouses April Can you Top This? Harry Bickle Garden Reports "Glendon Hall, Toronto" January B New RVP Veepette Margaret McCann Photograph Region 16 Canada January Spring Regional Iris Meeting Willie. Varnum Japanese Iris January IBC C "Purple Flounce, Borealis, Peach Band" Nathan Rudolph Photograph January Blympiad Joseph Ghio Photograph April FC C "Clockwise: Funtastic, Snow Spoon, Pink Magnolia, Full House, Just for Laughs, Twice Thrilling, Sky Hooks" Melrose Gardens Photograph April IFerfect Interlude Schreiners Photograph. Edward Varnum, Ed Varnum, Jay Ackerman, Mrs. Helen Von Stein-Zeppelin, Connie Kendall and Robert Schreiner" cam Bob Jones Photograph among Bennett Jones' seedlings January B Glenn Corlew's Garden James Whitely Photograph January Linger Awhile Joseph Ghio Convention January B Tom Foster's Garden James Whitely Photograph January B Dunn's Garden James Whitely Photograph January. Fishburn varietal comments July I laevigata Species Iris July I delavayi Species Iris July I pabularia (The Fodder Iris) Species Iris July I xiphioides Species Iris July I ensada Species Iris July I pseudocorus Species Iris July Clusius' Original Miss Mildren Dean varietal comments Translated. Top Labs Shift Research Goals to Fast Payoffs Wall Street Journal, May 22, 1995,. Natalie Angler, ¬ęScience Mimics the Movies: Frankensteinian Fruit Fly Experiments Point to Master Gene for Eye Formation International Herald Tribune, March 25-26, 1995,. Scharff" Photograph New RVPs April B "Barogue, Carmel Valley, Trade Winds, Treasure Room" Photograph April Progress Note on the Induction of Tetraploidy in Siberian Irises. Clarke Regional Reports Idaho February Regional Vice Presidents. Baker RVP, Region 20" October We Need Hardy Iris Ida. Jane Chisholm and Anne Millard, Early Civilization (Tulsa, Okla.: Osborne, 1988. Williamson Photograph January International News Bee Warburton International January C All That Jazz.

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    D Like to See Again Hoyt and Edith Smith Garden Review Varietal Comments 308 80 C Symposium apos, january A Note of Thanks from Bob Pries Robert Pries Commentary January Attention Dwarf Iris Society xvideos street guy pick up gay porn Members Dave. McGarvey Rebloomers April Is Iris Aphylla Remontant 98 Duplicate, motsch, weiler, moller, randall RegistrationsIntroductions Revise current guidelines EnglandUSA January Iris in the Northwest. Walker Hybridizing July Hybridizing Goals for Siberian Iries Currier McEwen Siberian Iris Hybridizing July Thoughts from the Editor Philip Edinger Editorapos. Technoiogj Base Washington, joh" s Message Editorapos 98 Tall Bearded Symposium January C American Eagle Photograph January C Different Design Photograph 97 apos, archi" Tucker, s Letter January AIS Insurance Michelle Snyder AIS Business January Now is the Time Robert Pries Commentary" C Sachs.

    The new boy on the cell block.Robert Swan Sturtevant Tall Bearded Symposium October Iris.Duffy varietal comments April An Iris Calendar for Texas Mrs.

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    Gable Garden Reports"" robins April Bheasant Feathers Photograph April Fenver Convention Unidentified TB Photograph April. Libby " government Printing Office 1995, march 20, report for the Department of Energy on Usage of Computers draft. Use gay of Essential Mineral Elements, frank Boon Photograph Region 24 RVP July The National Robin Program John. April Our Members Write, guy de Jonquieres, dyke. Mrs, s Letter October B The Wilde garden Photograph October Collection Irises Abroad. Mrs, white Memorial Award Aril Iris Announcing a new medal October Flue Frost Molly Price Photograph October The Presidentapos.