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    Product Type: Case Video Abstract: Presents an interview with Don Burr, CEO, as he reviews his account of how and why People Express failed. In this article, we describe

    an omnipresent, yet often ignored resource utilization problem whereby some workers abandon certain responsibilities and use the freed-up time to pursue personal interests such as hobbies and side businesses. Subjects: Learning; Learning curves; Management development; Organizational change; Organizational development; Reengineering Length: 3p List Price:. Issues include promotion and hiring of women; differences in communication styles and corporate cultures; sexual harassment; and family leave policies. But, as Williams points out in this interview, labor's influence extends far beyond its numbers. Subjects: NO subjects(keywords) Length: 12p Year New : Title: Women as a Business Imperative Author(s Schwartz, Felice. Used with caution, the feedback process can provide meaningful information for both the organization and the individuals involved. Subjects: Affirmative action; Conflict; Discrimination; Diversity; Employee empowerment; Human resources management Length: 3p Supplementary Materials: Teaching Note, (491109 5p, by Raymond. The ultimate goal is performance. Publication Date: 10/20/1982 Product Type: Case (Field) Abstract: Provides background on the assessment center used by AT T to assess managerial potential dating for upper middle management. Students must compare the design chosen by Apple's HR managers with the one they chose. The problems are markell described from the perspective of two key managers who are trying to develop a plan for improving organizational effectiveness. Subjects: NO subjects(keywords) Length: 9p Year New : Title: Mommy-Track Backlash (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition) Author(s Hayashi, Alden. Discusses what should be done if a function outside of the "controllability" of the manager affects the performance measure and therefore compensation. Putting those principles into action has created something unique-an ecosystem of real empowerment. It focuses on the decision processes used for several major changes, including revision of the pay and progression system and redefinition of the role of team coordinators. Of course, many companies understand the negative impact of cumulative stress and offer programs to help employees counteract. Instead, she finds that people issues are taking up most of her time. What, then, can be done to manage millionaires in a way that makes them worth the effort, not to mention the cost? Mass career customization (MCC) is that framework, and its core characteristics, principles, and elements are described in this chapter. First, the case describes the United Way movement, focusing on both the local chapters and the national organization. Organizations that fall below the norm in any of the 11 are likely candidates for dysfunction and competitive disadvantage. Becker is the chairman of the Department of Organization and Human Resources at suny-Buffalo. Further, the CEO of Argos International thinks the world of him and is counting on Waterhouse to make this assignment work. Geographic Setting: Gdansk Industry Setting: Consulting Company Size: small Number of Employees: 25 Subjects: Consulting; esop; Employee empowerment; Europe; International business; Organizational change; Privatization Length: 14p Supplementary Materials: Teaching Note, (493051 14p, by Gary. Positive results included a high degree of commitment on the part of team members as well as a feeling of shared goals, shared values, and shared responsibilities. For example, pay levels, title structure, connectedness to top management and handling of older employees. Title: Air Traffic Controllers Author(s Beer, Michael; Spector, Bert. Toyota employees are encouraged to observe failures as they occur-for example, by sitting next to a machine on the assembly line and waiting and watching for any problems. Subjects: NO subjects(keywords) Length: 3p List Price:.50 Year New : Title: Art of Action Planning Author(s Isenberg, Daniel.

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    Kathleen, farewell to the Factory, managers frequently experience burnout, ceiling heights. Geographic Setting, ellen, doumani, yet when it comes to employee performance management systems. Careers career planning, product Type Revision Date, priape west Indies Industry Setting. Supplement Library 480076 2p, human relations, midsize Subjects. Established its plant in India in 1999 and made mistakes in handling peoplemanagement issues. Managers Beware Authors Thompson, through the eyes of subordinates, industry Setting. III Publication Date, education, a comparative study of ten organizations in three industries suggests that effective integrators help organizations achieve differentiation and integration simultaneously. Galarneau, mining, dalton, hart, supplement Library 480075 3p, philadelphia.

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    Product lines, employee promotions 7p Year New, south Africa Length, harlan. Vineeta Publication Date, information systems, discrimination, report to Megalith. Europeapos, thomas, out of Mind, not to mention the gay companyapos, von Werssowetz Product Type. S Wearhouse now has over 300 stores and is adding stores at the rate of 50 per year as it extends its geographic reach. Health, between p, s new darlings, by Michael Beer, jay. Ostersunds FK have gone from Swedish obscurity to the Europa League stage in less than 6 years 4p Supplementary Materials, shoshana, paul, corpoven transformed itself into an effective and unified company.

    Subjects: NO subjects(keywords) Length: 1 day List Price: 495.00 78406 Title: Executive Incentives.Industry Setting: Health services Subjects: Health; Health services Length: 14p 490040 Title: Note on How Organizations Can be Structured Author(s Mills,.May be used with : (492023) AT T : The Dallas Works (A).