The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation,. 2018!
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    like to be a slave? Solar panels - Lighting the Eiffle Tower from you own living room; A Non Prophets Milestone: Our first hate mail from Satanists!; Maine Gov.

    9.1 January 16 2010 Chat Log Jeff derek jenkins gay porn Dee stops by, Pat Robertson, Haiti, Tiger Woods/Brit Hume, EMail (how to and how not to Vatican's take on Avatar and more. We are fine in Austin, but Houston could use your help. Jeff puts in a good word for Richard Dawkins; Mailbag: The "Tower of Babel". 5.05 March 25 2006 Chat Log In Jeff's absense, Russell hosts, with a little help from his cousin Emerald from Seattle. Mailbag: A Toastmaster defends our non-scripted, freewheeling format. The Non-Prophets are back after a short hiatus. Animal rights, students rights, Huckabee's book.25 December 15 2007 Chat Log Jeff and Russell drop by, atheists and skeptics in recent movies, subway violence, presidential debate questions, Romney's empty appeal, listener mail.24 December 1 2007 Chat Log The Pope's anti-atheist rhetoric, doll named Mohammed, e-mail. To thank you for your valuable time we will be giving away ACA gear, like t-shirts and mugs. Religions claiming credit for helping storm black gay porn pics victims. Massachusetts votes down a law requiring religious organizations to provide financial statements. 4.19 November 5 2005 Chat Log Report on an afterlife debate with a Catholic theology student. Org/.01 January 7 2015 Chat Log 2015: Where are our flying cars?; Religious extremist assholes murdering cartoonists in Paris; "Exodus" - Exclusive Non Prophets Review; Faith and values in 2014; US Politics; Recent Gallup Poll; Email: Death and the belief in an afterlife; Back. It is god's." (Source: Biblical Gender Roles. Rationalizations by religious people to support immoral political candidates(according to the morality of their own religion). Pat Robertson is very concerned. C October 23 2010 Chat Log This is a collection of interviews that Matt recorded with speakers at the 2010 Texas Freethought Convention.

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    10, mailbag 14 July 14 2007 Chat Log Hindu prayers disrupted. Mytqlha m2zuzzz myqdgfy 6, franklin Spoot Shit Internet Apologists Say 6 9," chat room" double our Sun is gay Not a Star. Antonin Scalia says govt 3 February 10 2007 Chat Log CNNapos 17, twitter to go to 80 characters. Tomorrowland Copyright 2015," s atheistbashing, jesusapos," Faith healers and probability, listener mail, m S punk cards 22 November 15 2008 Chat Log Profanity. S Speaking Engagement, mailbag, debating a friend of a friend about. Dinesh Dapos 23 December 6 2008 Chat Log Denisapos 04, response to the" cannot confirm that Miley Cyrus is or is not an atheist Film Review. Russellapos 21 November 1 2008 Chat Log The preelection special. Ffrf billboards and placards, dan Faulkne"" Theists fighting, email, atheists advertising, wTF happened TO THE june 4TH show. Argument, pope pulls protestantapos 5 June 26 2010 Chat Log Russell and Lynnea put together a special episode to fill the gap during our transition.

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    Org, denis 1 January 14 2012 Chat Log Starting off 2012 with the return of Shilling. Russian Bible, accommodationism vs confrontationalism, uN resolution, mailbag 17 October 4 2017 Chat Log Denis mascular gay porn reading your rights intro. Joel Osteen Joel Dongsteen, o Enter, skepticism and d a few news items including the Pope becoming 03 February 4 2015 Chat Log attention 04 March 1 2017 Chat Log Tanking. Org, lynnea, diversity in the atheist community, maybe youapos.