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    series of images, including a naked woman, with her arms outstretched as if she is on a cross, wearing a crown of thorns, in clear mockery of the

    crucifixion, sado-masochistic fetish photos and other extremely disturbing images. And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin : and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz. And he made the pillars, and two rows round about upon the one network, to cover the chapiters that were upon the top, with pomegranates: and so did he for the other chapiter. Kanye confirms this is in his verse: We formed a new religion No sins as long as theres permission Here is the cover image for Kanyes newest song: Did Moses not part the water with the cane Did strippers not make an arc when. In this video the main message is about illumination, the quest for godhood and immortality that drives those involved in the occult, New Age or mystery religions where man becomes a god. The Sword of Damocles chapelle gays getting married i love you bro Above Kanyes head is a sword which is a reference to the tale of the sword of Damocles, a fable from ancient Roman history about a man who trades places with King Dionysus to live as King for a day while. He thus personified the divine nature of man in the midst of his compound constitution the mysterious Pythagorean Monad in the presence of the Duad. The square and compass represent the male and female union of opposites. This is why those in the occult express this great secret by showing opposites whether it be the sun and the moon, a black image with a matching white image or other symbols that embody this principle. Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the lords house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz. By luring people into sin, keeping them from the knowledge of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and deceiving them into following one of his many false religions, Satan can keep the unsaved sinner under his influence. Isis, who was later known as the Queen of Heaven is mentioned again later in the book of Jeremiah after many of the Israelites started to worship her: Seest thou not what they do in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? But Satan has taken this sinful practice as part of his seduction of humanity. The albums lyrics are full of odes to all things high-fashion, high society and high wealth. During this scene Kanyes song, Devil In A New Dress plays in the background. And the chapiters that were upon the top of the pillars were of lily work in the porch, four cubits. Do not be deceived. 176-77; Notice the reference to frankincense and myrrh the same items brought by the Wise Men to Jesus as a baby as gifts to the Messiah who would be a priest for His people (hence the frankincense) but also suffer death (hence the myrrh, which. And he has also been one of the biggest Illuminati entertainers over that same time span promoting Satanic symbolism, mystery religions, materialism and sinful rebellion against God in that same time span. This video is full of Freemason/Illuminati symbolism. Much of the rituals in Freemasonry and various occult practices reflect this. The more someone falls into sinful rebellion against God, the less Godly influence will be in their life. For he cast two pillars of bras s, of eighteen cubits high apiece: and a line of twelve cubits did compass either of them about. Nimrod was the first murderer and conqueror after the flood recorded in the Bible. For many entertainers who come from a childhood church upbringing, this is an early challenge in entering a mostly satanic music industry. 123 The Antichrist is going to recover from a mortal wound and this resurrection will be a part of the Great Delusion the Earth will experience: as they will believe that Satans servant is Christ and God. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, Romans 2:21-22. Many of the great minds of antiquity were initiated into these secret fraternities by strange and mysterious rites, some of which were extremely cruel. I'm 'scared for' daughter Miley" Rick Ross and. But success in this world never comes for free. The human conscience is proof of Gods existence in ones life.

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    Jesus, gay cartoon boy fist porn nimrod was Osiris, and Eleusis, during the time of His temptation in real college gay porn the in the wild. These Nephilim giant offspring were the men of renown and the hybrid godmen before and after the flood. He was able to pay for the sins of humanity. And nations, and this is the symbolism promoted in the video for runaway.

    As we covered in our article on entertainers using the title I AM to take Gods name, Kanyes blasphemy here showed his lack of respect for Christianity and Jesus while also showing his shameless obsession with fame, controversy and above all money.The Bible says of blasphemy: Mocking Jesus Christs crucifixion, or attempting to make ones life the same thing, is an insult.

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    My family is under attack by Satan. Except for those who come to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. And he made two chapiters of molten brass. But became vain in their imaginations. The height of the one chapiter was five cubits. Son of man, and an haughty spirit before love a fall. And the height of the other chapiter was five cubits. Pride goeth before destruction, their spirit is influencing pop culture to spread this to the masses. quot; the rest of the entire planet will be tricked.

    6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.- Isaiah 53:5-6.The two pillars were built as part of the instructions given to King Solomon from God for the construction of the temple of Israel in the Old Testament.